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The Ass Kicking Is Back In THE RAID 2

The Ass Kicking Is Back In THE RAID 2

Keeping up with the fast paced action of The Raid: Redemption was like trying to swat a hyperactive fly with a mini-fork. But the payoff for keeping your focus was like hitting the jackpot, enough to warrant the massive amount of excitement on which the sequel, The Raid 2, has been on the receiving end.

Gareth Evans is back at the helm to provide us with more head-turning, ass kicking fun along with Iko Uwais, who has reprised his role as the super-cop Rama. If you’re familiar with the first film, then you’re already prepared for the over-the-top combat for which the series is known. But if you haven’t seen The Raid: Redemption, take a peek at the following and allow yourself to get persuaded into going back to watch the first one.

This trailer was brought to you in part by badass Indonesian martial arts films. Speaking of badass, how about that Hammer girl, looking as horrifyingly dangerous as the character has been speculated to be? The lucky folks at Sundance got to watch The Raid 2 premiere last night, but it’s set to release in theaters stateside on March 28, 2014. Until then, you may want to practice with your mini-fork in your spare time.