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The Art Of Lego

PBS’ Off Book web series has an episode posted now about Lego art. This is pretty amazing: These artists make portraits and sculptures out of Lego that in some cases look like pixelated versions of photos, and in other cases just look like cool Lego designs. And there’s even stop action animation going on, including Alex Kobbs’ Bricks of War, which you may have previously seen and which redoes the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in an impressive display.

Art from Lego… yes, please, more. Suddenly, I feel like driving down to Legoland for the weekend.

HT: Geekosystem


  1. Geno says:

    Hey I’m a huge nerdist fan, and listen all the time. I’m the founder of the Oklahoma City area Lego User Group. These groups, referred to as LUGs are all across the country, and are basically groups of people who get together and nerd out about Lego. We make giant builds, and some LUGs are big enough to hold conventions. My ultimate goal is to bring as much passion and energy to the Lego world as Chris Hardwick has to his media empire! If there’s any information you want, we’re all happy to blab about Lego for as long as you need!