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The Alton Browncast Wins Stitcher Award

The Alton Browncast Wins Stitcher Award

The 2013 Stitcher Award Winners have been announced, and hearty congratulations go to Alton Brown and the Nerdist Podcast Network’s own The Alton Browncast, which took the laurels for Best Food And Wine podcast 2013! Cheers!

Awards were given based on the over 230,000 votes cast for shows across 19 categories for 2013. Nearly 3700 different shows were nominated.

I think we can agree that this proves beyond a doubt that many people enjoy chemistry – delicious, tasty chemistry. Be sure and check out the latest episode in which Alton talks to Chocolatier Scott Witherow. And then listen to all of the episodes.

While we’re on the subject of chocolate – what’s one thing you think should NEVER be paired with chocolate? Besides beer.


  1. Jay says:

    Sam Adams even paired up with a chocolate company to release a mix pack of their beers each paired with a different chocolate.

    Beer can be paired with anything because of its unlimited amount of styles and flavors.

  2. Chris says:

    Why wouldn’t you pair chocolate and beer? Shock Top makes a pretty awesome chocolate wheat, Rogue (and others) do a great chocolate stout, Sam Adams has one, etc..