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The Alamo Drafthouse Activates CRUISE CONTROL in July

The Alamo Drafthouse Activates CRUISE CONTROL in July

Hey Austin, what are you doing on July 27? Whatever your answer is, it’s wrong, because that’s the night the Alamo Drafthouse/Tough Guy Cinema will be holding their Cruise Control movie marathon.

The plan is to screen five mystery films from the actor’s filmography in 35MM at the Alamo Ritz in Austin. Alamo Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan explains:

“WHAT IS CRUISE CONTROL? It’s a celebration of all things that are right in this world. It’s a five 35mm movie mystery celebration of the swiftest man in Hollywood. It is, above all else, Tom Cruise in cinematic perfection back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. You will Cruise through the life of a man and witness all forms of miracles while soaking in everything he has done to help crack the code of this enigmatic titan of celluloid. You will witness RAW human power as a man will place himself in harms way every step of his career for your personal entertainment. You will cheer, you will cry, and you will be thankful for brushing off every single Tom Cruise detractor as you surrender to the pulse-pounding intensity of what one man, against all the odds, can accomplish. Prepare yourself, because once we set this baby to CRUISE, you will no longer be able to control what will happen to you.”

The very, very good Edge of Tomorrow seems to be giving everyone a pass to reassess Cruise after a string of successful but largely forgettable films (my memory of Mission: Impossible 4 pretty much begins and ends with the Russia portion of the film). The man is one of our last honest-to-goodness movie stars and I’m really curious what MacLennan and company have in store to best represent the man’s work.*

Tough Guy Cinema presents CRUISE CONTROL: The Tom Cruise Marathon from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.

*Legend or GTFO, people.