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The Abridged History of Video Games in 3 Minutes

Reverse Enginears produced this A Brief History of Video Games video for, and in less than three minutes they took me from my childhood to present day.  All the sounds, music, and video were taken from the games themselves.   Enjoy!  I’m going to play some Street Fighter 2.

via [reddit]


  1. three toes of fury says:

    AHHH!! That was awesometastic. Nothings better that a hyperconcentrated dose of nerd-nostalgia served up with some techno-tunage.

    Peace n Pocket Full of Quarters n Im heading to the Arcade,

    3ToF (places quarter on defender machine window to reserve next game)

  2. Neally says:

    You forgot to mention you were also the second one. But third is the cut off.

    And now to enjoy a Jill sandwich.

  3. Harden says:

    I forgot to inclued the email addy !

  4. Harden says:

    I was the first one ! I was the first one! :) . I know it’s lame of me to say but…

    That video was damn good too.