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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 7/10

There’s been a lot talk lately about comedy and the controversial things that should and shouldn’t be said. I say, let’s bring it back to the funny and let the unfunny and shocking fade into obscurity with this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week.

1. Ryan O’Flanagan has an important message about being a victim. Well, he’s trying to have one.

2. Shut Up! Cartoons latest web series Nature Break gives a glimpse into the lives of animals as we’ve never seen them before: ordering pizza and chatting with neighbors.

3. Nathan Barnatt’s viral dancing videos got him on the cover of LA Weekly, which he told several people about in person.

4. Submitted by sketch group Uncle Mom, there is a new definition of what e “supportive boyfriend.”

5. The cleverly edited conversation between a 12 and 32 year old did indeed go viral, which, it turns out is a watered-down parody of this more PG-13 rated “original” with Elisha Yaffe.

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the 5 MIFV like the two featured above. Same rules still apply.
-E-mail embeddable video link to [email protected]
-Submit by the end of Monday (which would be 7/16)
-Videos must be posted online (i.e. have a time stamp that says so) between now 7/10 and the end of Monday 7/16
-Don’t add any cover letters or explanations; please just send the link


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