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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 3/21

Perhaps, you’re disgusted with yourself for following the Kony hype machine too quickly. Maybe, you’re mad that you were baited into watching Katy Perry cover “N****s in Paris.” Whatever unintentionally upset you this week, a whole round of the Most Intentionally Funny Videos is here hopefully to balance out the time stolen away from you by trying to “unknow” or “unsee” things.

1. I’d feel remiss (this list tries to include videos that were posted online within the last week) for not posting Bob Odenkirk’s Adult Swim pilot, Let’s Do This, as it is hilarious with a bunch of hilarious folks. So, here you go.

2. Dana Gould made the Beatles of all Beatles references on Conan.

3. Lindsay Ames has an instructional web series that’s also hysterical about How to End a Date in 30 Seconds or Less on MTV Clutch. Watch, laugh and learn.

4. Naked Juice shows why comedians Justin Ian Daniels and Andy Peters shouldn’t be in the fruit and veggie blending business.

5. Kristin Schaal proved that you can do what reads as misogynist material on the Daily Show and still make it funny without being offensive.