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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 2/14

Within the unfortunately pink and gooey glow of Valentine’s Day, of course it feels good to type in “marriage proposal fail” into YouTube. Hopefully, you’ll become self-aware that you’re watching failed attempts at love before you notice the common thread of these rejections seem to their location at a sporting event. All that aside, avoid any sort of residual guilt from watching someone’s dreams in a lasting relationship crushed with this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos that includes Jon Glaser acting a fool and Bill Burr hating things.

Forget about Valentine’s Day and enjoy.

1. Vincent Cassel will now have legit competition when it comes to booking the roles of foreign villains with The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin auditioning for all of them.

2. John Hodgman got his wish of someone dressing up as Dr. Zaius doing an impression of Mark Twain along with other subtle layers in between thanks to the incomparable Dana Gould.

3. Delocated‘s Jon Glaser joined the “Make Conan O’Brien Palm His Face Club” by imitating the “Arsenio Hall Arm Cheer”.

4. Defying the typical conventions of foreign comedies that involve the “old generation” not understanding the “younger generation” or vice versa as well as any typical comedy anywhere, watch the trailer for the delightfully absurd French film, The Fairy.

5. Bill Burr shows that you can be a professional at bitchin’ at things while you’re driving or walking around whatever city you’re in. You just have to be Bill Burr.