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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 1/25

Looking for the antithesis of the bad singers auditioning on American Idol? If so, this is the place to find really funny clips of and by really funny people instead of desperate people goaded into embarrassing themselves just to been seen on national TV. Arguably, all people involved in comedy are goaded into embarrassing themselves for people’s entertainment, but they know how to do it without taking their shirts off and singing poorly.

So, stop watching humans debase themselves for exposure and watch these hilarious videos below.

1. Julie Klausner who holds down one of the most popular podcasts in How Was Your Week? and just released her book I Don’t Care About Your Band found time to make an awesome web series, The Cat Whisperer.

2. Many tourists that visit the infamous Hollywood and Highland sidewalk make sure to get their picture with a fake Spider Man or Marilyn Monroe. Thanks to comedians Katie Crown and Nathan Fielder, those folks can get their picture of Pixar too, whether they want to or not.

3. Mike Birbiglia has successfully taken his story of sleepwalking, Sleepwalk With Me, all the way from a segment on This American Life to a full length feature film. If you like that clip, you can help the movie get distribution while at Sundance here.

(Ed. Note: The video’s been taken down. In its stead, here’s an older video with some of Birbiglia’s work, plus another video with Ira Glass talking about producing the movie:)

4. Davey Johnson gives several hysterical takes on everything that people are just dying to be enlightened on several times a week in What’s What. For instance, here’s his take on “everyday weapons”.

5. Bill Cosby teaches whippersnapper Jimmy Fallon a lesson in comedy while doing panel on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


  1. farleyk says:

    Too bad about the Birbiglia video, but if you want to hear the story he told on This American Life, they do archive ’em. I might have heard it a few years ago, but it is still extremely vivid – it’s that excellent a story. Do check it out.