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The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 10/4

Let’s try to forget that Dane Cook got a development deal with NBC and enjoy another edition of the 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week.

Music Time with Jennie P at FYF

At indie festivals across the nation, Jennie P seeks to interview bands (and even WTF’s Marc Maron) in the most non-traditional and entertaining way possible.

Terminator: Termination

You might think that Terminator spoofs are done with. Well, a sketch group  by the name of Those Lil’ Rabbits has another thing to say about that.

Patton Oswalt on Conan

Puddin’-“Glory Hole”

We had Eddie Pepitone last week in a zombie audition sketch, but he’s been gaining a lot of attention from his daily live action comic strip, Puddin’. This particular episode is very NSFW, but less than 30 seconds and damn funny.

Albert Brooks on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The one and only Albert Brooks explains his theory on the evolution of sharks if they were given iPads and how he feels bad for being a badass in Drive.