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Thank You (The New Year’s Edition)


happynewyear1960Really, there’s not much more to say to you about 2012 here at Nerdist Industries other than…

Thank you.

Thank you for sticking with us, reading our site and newsletter, listening to our podcasts, watching the Nerdist Channel and the BBC America shows and Chris’ Comedy Central stand-up special, coming out to live events like the podcasts and Chris’ stand-up, not to mention Course of the Force and the many shows at NerdMelt Showroom, and following us in social media, just being part of it all. It was, obviously, another big year for us, including the deal with Legendary Pictures, and 2013 is shaping up to be even bigger and better.

If it’s a cliche to say we couldn’t do it without you, it’s nevertheless true. So, on behalf of everyone at Nerdist Industries, Happy New Year and thank you for being… um… thank you for… oh, here, this:


Because nothing says it quite like a 1970s soft rock hit-turned-sitcom theme. Anyway, thanks. And now for 2013….


  1. Yes, it did. The typo celebration continues! (Will fix)

  2. Matthew Gerber says:

    The party must have started early at the Nerdist compound, because I’m relatively certain that this year was 2012, not 2011.

  3. Patrick says:

    How about next yr. there’s this skit where a group of nonvasconaters cause their offspring to infect a mutant mumps strain upon a gov’t daycare ctr, thereby causing congress to shut down the ultra secret CDC ELEPHANT SEAL TEAM, (it was the local gov’t daycare ctr). Mayhem breaks out because Jenny Macaroff shows up and nobody knows who she is, and she keeps yelling something about once sleeping with a bleath dude. What ever that means………… Was board on new years when this was made up. How fuckin bad is that. Oh well, at least this time I wrote it down.