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Terry Crews Has Muppet-Based Epiphany and/or Mental Breakdown in Super Bowl Ad

Terry Crews Has Muppet-Based Epiphany and/or Mental Breakdown in Super Bowl Ad

I’m worried about Terry Crews, you guys. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and buff hero of gym rats everywhere has a lot of explaining to do after taking in this year’s Toyota Super Bowl commercial. Not because it revealed that he listens to the smooth sounds of sweet, sweet Muzak while riding around in his car (although that leaves plenty of room for a bit of skeptical eyebrow-raising), or because he managed to bury the lede regarding his enviable next door neighbor. It’s because it took him an entire 60-second commercial to give into what the stranded Muppets he picked up in his Highlander were putting down. Rule number one when meeting the Muppets is always: just go with the flow and embrace the nuttery.

Alternatively, since it’s hard to tell if his run-in with Electric Mayhem was one based in reality or psychosis. The shirt-cape has us thinking one way, that this may have been what happened here — in a bad way. But the fact that he casually lives next door to Kermit the Frog (who knows that feel so well, Terry) points us in an entirely different direction altogether. What is not up for debate is how inexcusable his curmudgeonly attitude towards the band was in the moments prior to his mental breakdown and/or epiphany. Not that we particularly care about the answer, so long as it involves more adorably charming marketing integrations with those kooky Muppets in advance of Muppets Most Wanted (please let them also include Tina Fey at some point. Please, please, please, please, please?).

Get well, soon/enjoy the beginning of the rest of your life, Terry.