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Episode 8: Terrified
Megan Koester

Terrified #8: Megan Koester

This week’s guest is comedian/writer Megan Koester.  It gets, as they say, “real”.  Megan and Dave discuss friends and the lack thereof, putting up walls and putting up fronts, a fear of being misunderstood, and a certain character from her past.

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  1. DaddyDearest says:

    Hey maybe you could do a podcast on your growing up with your lost cause dad. You could tell about the time he took you to this concert and you got Gwen Stefani’s autograph on your student body card because that loser didn’t have any paper.

    Or when he bought you an electric guitar and amp but didn’t buy you lessons. Or how about when he made you apologize to the Mormon church for throwing eggs on their church and your a Presbyterian.

    Or when he went with you to see ‘Who Shot Andy Warhol’ and bitched that the movie sucked. Then recently he invites you to eat with him and your sister at a place in Malibu that the Kardashian’s frequent, knowing full well that no one in the world let alone the L.A. county like the Kardashian’s.

    You could talk about how he thought he would be married to your mother for life but luckily the judge let him out of the marriage after 15 years for good behavior.

    This is a man that needs to be exposed for the monster he is in that I hear he is now torturing your unclaimed younger sister and recently took her to a Jason Mraz concert. Where is child protective services when you need them.

    Have a happy 30th birthday.

  2. Ian says:

    This girl’s laugh is fantastic.