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Episode 7: Terrified
Drew Koshgarian

Terrified #7: Drew Koshgarian

This week’s guest is Drew Koshgarian.  She’s a great writer and a great friend of Dave’s, and the two delve deep into the fears and worries of an aspiring writer and comedian.  Finding a balance between art and mental health dominates the discussion, but they also touch on feminism, positivity, respect amongst friends, and Alanis Morrissette.

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  1. JS says:

    The bit about who it’s funniest to claim to have killed really had me wondering. Do a little thought experiment with me: which is funnier in all of the following pairings?

    Male comic says it, about his girlfriend… or about a male friend?
    Female comic says it, about her boyfriend… or about a female friend?
    Male comic says it, about his boyfriend… or about a male friend?
    Female comic says it, about her girlfriend… or about a female friend?

    Isn’t killing the romantic partner always going to seem instinctively funnier, regardless of gender, because of the violation of trust that’s involved there? Or am I wrong?

    Of course, gender could still be a factor. (I get that jokes can violate multiple taboos simultaneously, and all.) You could control to test that instead — make the imaginary murder victims the comic’s male and female platonic friends, and so on.

    Fuckin’ love the podcast, btw.

  2. Jaron says:

    Best episode yet. I think the show is starting to find it’ groove. Keep up the good work.