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Terrified #56: Jackie Kashian
Episode 56: Terrified
Jackie Kashian

Terrified #56: Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian is a world-touring comic based in Los Angeles, CA.  She and Dave talk death, and the fear of death, and the fear of not dying well.  She’s been surrounded with death the past few years, yet somehow laughs and jokes about it extensively.  Also!  The show upgrades!  Dave is so excited.  More radio sweepers and more segments and Anna Seregina helps host and Dave is so excited.  Just so excited.

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Photo Credit: Tyler Ross


  1. Andres says:

    I loved the story about her dad helping the guy with the medical bill while kinda being a jerk to him, felt almost like a Curb Your Enthusiasm moment. Also her interpretation on her dream about the future. Very good episode!