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Terrified #51: Dave Ross
Episode 51: Terrified
Dave Ross

Terrified #51: Dave Ross

ONE YEAR! It’s the one-year anniversary of this show!  Thank you! Thank you for listening and supporting this little show where we point and laugh at our own feelings.  You’re the best, and you’re the only reason we’re here.

And as it’s been a year, Dave decided it’s about time he put himself under the microscope.  His good friend, Jake Weisman, agreed to come in and play the role of host for an hour.  They discussed many-a-thing, but mostly low self-esteem and not being liked.  Dave is convinced that no one likes him, and he realizes that it’s insane to think so when he has very real friends in his life, but he nonetheless has a lot of trouble shaking the feeling that no one likes him.  He and Jake discuss that, where it comes from, why it persists, what it does to his life and relationships, and how to possibly get rid of it. They also play a soundbyte that Tony Thaxton made over and over and over again.

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  1. Andres says:

    Congratulations on the first year, Davetotheross. I started listening this podcast since the very first episode and for me it holds a great balance between funny, therapeutic and maybe a little bit vouyeristic. 
    Currently one of my favorite podcasts by far and hoping it stays that way, so go get more people in front of your face, man!