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Terrified #40: Bert McCracken
Episode 40: Terrified
Bert McCracken

Terrified #40: Bert McCracken

Bert McCracken is the lead singer of The Used.  He discusses the failing American system with Dave, and anarchy, and anarchism, and Occupy, and what might happen if America continues down its current path.  They had fun, and the discussion is decidedly different from most others so far on Terrified.

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  1. C says:

    While it was slow, I really enjoyed this. He may have been pontificating, but I appreciate the passion.

  2. J says:

    Dave, love the show. but yes I agree, But it was one of those things that can’t be helped once the interview is underway. He was guarded and never seemed to reveal himself past his ideology (of which I am sympathetic and supportive). He was pontificating and lecturing. You did the best you could with what he was giving you.

    In any case, I listen to the show regularly and love to hear how other creatives live and work with their own issues out so they can shape and grow their work. Great show, Keep going.

  3. gar says:

    love the show dave, but this episode was so boring -_-. informative and deep, but boring