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Terrified #38: Adam Lazzara
Episode 38: Terrified
Adam Lazzara

Terrified #38: Adam Lazzara

Adam Lazzara is the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday.  He and Dave talk kids, failure, getting picked on, getting fame, losing fame, becoming cool, becoming UNcool, and Adam’s stutter, just to name a few things.  It was about the sweetest conversation Dave ever had.  At the end, they had to scream over Sleepwave sound-checking.  It was a good time.

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  1. Vx says:

    Skip to 5:40, before that it’s just Dave talking about himself.

  2. Adrian Sympson says:

    Another great episode. It’s good to hear these guys I’ve looked up to talk about different stuff like this. Keep them coming! They’re only getting better.