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Terrified #35: Brendan Kelly
Episode 35: Terrified
Brendan Kelly

Terrified #35: Brendan Kelly

Brendan Kelly is the bassist/vocalist for famed punk band The Lawrence Arms.  He and Dave talked self-loathing, and self-loving, and dealing with self-loathing while raising children.  They also talked about how they both feel really, really dumb all the time.  (With Dave it’s true.)

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  1. Genn says:

    Man, this was a really sweet one. Kelly just has a really cool perspective on what becoming a parent means and stuff. Somehow makes the whole idea less…terrifying (!)

  2. Adrian Sympson says:

    UPDATE: I loved this! The conversation was great and felt really natural and it was awesome.

  3. Adrian Sympson says:

    I am beyond excited for this. I love The Lawrence Arms and I love this podcast. YES!