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Terrified #34: Jake Weisman
Episode 34: Terrified
Jake Weisman

Terrified #34: Jake Weisman

Jake Weisman is an incredible comedian and one of Dave’s best friends.  They talk pushing people away, and judging others, and the loneliness and terror that comes from pushing people away and judging others.  Jake also knows Dave really well, so they talk about Dave for a bit.  For awhile, actually.  They talk about Dave a lot.  Like it’s kind of off-putting how much they talk about Dave.

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  1. Adam Palmer says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to listen to this 50 more times… I love Jake and Dave and their relationship so much! I hope I can find friendship like these guys have. Thanks for the episode!

  2. Adam Palmer says:

    OMFG Jake MOther fucking Weisman… I’ve been waiting since episode one for this! My body is ready!!!