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Terrified #30: Andrew Polk
Episode 30: Terrified
Andrew Polk

Terrified #30: Andrew Polk

Andrew Polk is a friend of Dave’s and fellow comedian, based in New Orleans.  They talked growing up home-schooled, and growing up religious, and a fear of feeling left out.  They also discussed a mistake that Dave made that he will feel bad about forever.

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  1. John Miller says:

    I know that without any context that this can read as condescending or aggressive, but It’s not. I just wanted to let you know:
    You guys were talking about how atheists are becoming “another religion” and essentially they should just keep it to themselves. But earlier you said that you didn’t want to be called an atheist because “I don’t want to hurt my family.”
    This is why Atheism needs to have a public face. As long as being an atheist automatically equates to being “bad,” there is a need to educate the public about atheists.
    There are still HUGE parts of the country where being known as an atheist can get you fired from your job, and ostracized from your family and community. Lots of atheists feel completely alone with no one to talk to about it. Most of the time, atheist groups are just safe havens for people who can’t openly express their opinions with the people around them in everyday life.
    Thank you, Dave. I love the show.