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Episode 2: Terrified
Jesse Case

Terrified #2: Jesse Case

Dave interviews his good friend and fellow comedian Jesse Case.  They joke around a bit, then just get into it.  Jesse’s breakup, self-loathing, panic attacks…  All of that and more comes up.  Also, they make fart sounds.

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  1. Rafael says:

    Great podcast. the premise is cool. I can really relate to Jesse on how his past relationship was making him feel. I’m on the road to getting better as well and this helped. Just on episode 2 cant wait to listen to more. Great podcast Dave =D

  2. James Hoelscher says:

    Hey Dave, love the podcast man. I listened to you on Sex Nerd Sandra and loved your insights their and I am very happy you have a show of your own. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for more.