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Terrified #16: Rob Gleeson
Episode 16: Terrified
Rob Gleeson

Terrified #16: Rob Gleeson

Rob Gleeson is Dave’s guest this week!  They talk comedy, and getting older in comedy, and regret, and the possibility of regretting doing comedy.  Lots of comedy talk.  They also discuss Rob’s family life and what it’s like to come out as gay to a comedy scene!  Lots and lots of comedy talk.

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  1. K Lee says:

    This was great! I loved the whole thing. It was really one of the most solid episodes and i felt like you guys covered a lot of ground in the first 30 minutes; so much so that I would have been satisfied if the episode had ended, when around minute 40 or so, it felt like it was going to naturally . Then, the entire part about the fight at the bar and that conversation between the two of you, just took this podcast to the next level for me and made it one of my favorites of all time. If you ever consider having a guest on more than once i would love to hear more from Rob.

  2. Robin says:

    Although I work in a completely different career from comedy, I related so much to what you guys said about fearing regret, not wanting to struggle forever, and doing things that matter. Hearing this made me feel less alone in my own struggle and it helped so much. Thank you.