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Terrified #14: Chemda Khalili
Episode 14: Terrified
Chemda Khalili

Terrified #14: Chemda Khalili

This week, Dave interviews Chemda Khalili!  Of the Keith and the Girl podcast!  They dive headfirst into self-image issues, feeling fat, judgment from others, and more.  They also talk about sex!  Dave has never done that.

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  1. Rob S. says:

    My mom grew up in Texas. I grew up in Chicago. My classmates would make fun of her “Deep southern accent” When we moved to Birmingham, AL. People asked if she was from New York.

  2. Sherasaurus says:

    Anything Chemda or #KATG is heaven… Great show and love the condo. Yeah for gender neutral tudes :-)

  3. jgalley says:

    and here I didn’t think KT-money could be competed with. Great episode brotha