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Terrified #12: Katie Levine
Episode 12: Terrified
Katie Levine

Terrified #12: Katie Levine

Joining Dave in the studio this week is…  KATIE!  Katie Levine, that is, producer of all Nerdist podcasts and all-around sweet and hilarious lady.  After years of sitting on the sidelines and leaving us to wonder, Katie grabs the mic and lets us inside her head.  She has horrible ADHD, for a start.  Dave also has that!

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  1. Rob S. says:

    She’s cute. but spells her name wrong.

  2. Jaron says:

    AHHHH!!! Finally someone has Katie on a podcast!! Can’t wait to listen. The legend of Katie continues!

  3. Daniel Boring says:


    Long time commenter, first time listener.


    When you said you didn’t like going out with your boyfriend, I thought you should dump him and move in with me. Then you said you didn’t want to stay home and be bored all night. Never mind. I guess I’m too boring and indecisive. Perhaps you should dump him and I’ll move in with him.

    Remember that you are the machine that keeps the Hardwick empire on the air. Remind him whenever you get the chance.

    Time to get back to my statistics here in SF. Go 9ers! (2-2)

  4. Aj says:

    This was a really great episode. Katie should be a guest on EVERY podcast!