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Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme is Coming Back to be Even More Supreme

Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme is Coming Back to be Even More Supreme

The lords of rock comedy Tenacious D pulled off a weekend extravaganza of comedy last year with their first Festival Supreme and are looking to do it once again.

>For the first Festival Supreme, Jack Black and Kyle Gass managed to round up Reggie Watts, Bob Odenkirk, Eric Idle, Tim Minchin, Sarah Silverman, Garfunkel & Oates, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Fred Armisen, and so much more under several tents and a giant stage on the Santa Monica Pier. Even for LA, a city that has a festival’s depth of comedy every night of the week, it was a pretty big deal. They even had wonderful oddities such as a booth that only allowed one person at a time to watch one minute of stand-up from comedian/personality Neil Hamburger.

For the next Festival Supreme, Jack and Kyle are somehow looking to top themselves. First off, they’re taking the comedy music bonanza from the scenic Santa Monica Pier and moving it to the gigantic Exposition Park and LA Sports Arena. Exposition Park, located just South of Downtown Los Angeles, is home to several small parks, museums, a giant rose garden, as well as an indoor and outdoor sports stadium. It’s also located next to the University of Southern California. Knowing that, Tenacious D will definitely have more than enough room to pull off whatever they want to do. So far, they’re going for a haunted house and a film festival in addition to the massive comedy and music line-up they’re planning.

This second Festival Supreme is all set to go down later this year on Friday October 25th, so the haunted house isn’t so out of season. The line-up will be announced at the end of this month on Tuesday, May 27th and tickets will go on sale shortly thereafter on Friday May 30th. On this go around, if Tenacious D really wants to top themselves, they might think about playing the greatest song in the world instead of just a “Tribute”.

HT: Laughspin