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Telltale’s THE WOLF AMONG US Teaser Trailer Bares Its Teeth

Telltale’s THE WOLF AMONG US Teaser Trailer Bares Its Teeth

When Telltale Games announced they were adapting Bill Willingham’s phenomenal comic series Fables into one of their signature, choice-driven adventure games, I was beyond excited. Not only is Fables a natural fit for these kind of story spin-offs given its mythic roots, but Telltale’s The Walking Dead was my out and out favorite video game of 2012. Now the game, titled The Wolf Among Ushas a teaser trailer that puts us in Bigby Wolf’s shoes in a squalid, neon-lit section of Fabletown (a magically disguised section of New York City for those not in the know) as he is thrown headlong – quite literally – into a world of murder, deception and mystery. In short, it looks like a howling good time.

Pretty snazzy, huh? I was fortunate enough to sit down with Telltale crew for a sneak peek at the game’s first episode in action, so keep your eyes for my first impressions this Tuesday. What do you think of The Wolf Among Us trailer? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. CJ says:

    looks like a great game in the making … lets hope everyone involved completes one of the best games in 2013 / 2014 !