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Telltale Bringing WALKING DEAD, WOLF to Xbox One and PS4

Telltale Bringing WALKING DEAD, WOLF to Xbox One and PS4

The one thing the newish-gen* experience is missing is some solid adventure game action. Well, according to an announcement from Telltale this morning, the Bay Area-based developer is ready to remedy that with PS4 and Xbox One ports of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

According to the post, the first and second seasons of the episodic The Walking Dead are coming to the Xbox One and PS4 alongside The Wolf Among Us sometime later this year.

The post revealed the packshots below for all three releases, although Telltale didn’t specify if digital releases were imminent as well. Given the Game of the Year label on the first season, we can assume that will include the episodic DLC, “400 Days,” which ostensibly provides a bridge between the first and second seasons.

They are, however, getting a retail release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime later this year as well, to accompany the existing digital releases. Here’s hoping Telltale does something as extravagant as the special edition release they prepared back in 2012 for the first season of The Walking Dead, which included a massive compendium collecting the first grip of issues of the Robert Kirkman/Charlie Adlard/Tony Moore comic on which the series is based.

No word on what kinds of updated bells and whistles the PS4 and Xbox One ports might have (if any) or even pricing, but previous releases have typically been $29.99 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead season two are still ongoing.



*We’re done saying “next-gen,” right?