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Teens React to Doctor Who

Teens React to Doctor Who

The latest installment of our friends The Fine Brothers’ Teens React shows the teens’ reactions to something that they happen to, mostly, like: Doctor Who. They see the trailer for The Day of the Doctor, and there’s excitement. There are also some kids who don’t get it. “If you don’t watch Doctor Who,” one girl says, “you have no soul.” But some kids don’t. And the Daleks will not be happy with how unimpressed some of the respondents are, and how they get mistaken for another squat mechanical personality.

Just a few more days… a few more days….

Oh, yeah, one more thing from the Fines — remember their Freaks and Geeks interactive retro video game? Remember how they were going to offer an expansion pack so you can play as a geek? It’s heeeere: