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Teamwork Is Your Best Ally In EVOLVE

Teamwork Is Your Best Ally In EVOLVE

We found out a little more today about the upcoming game from Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios called Evolve: We learned that the devs are aiming for this game to live up to its name, and become the evolution of multiplayer. We also learned there will be jet packs, harpoons, and giant fire breathing… somethings, all of which can be seen in the following:

Geez Louise, I’m not even sure what side I want to play on anymore. I was all for team-teamwork until I saw that gargantuan fire-breathing beast. Who wouldn’t want to play as that? For those of you who don’t remember, Evolve features 4v1 multiplayer, pitting four player controlled skilled hunters against one player controlled gigantic monster.

Happy hunting begins this Fall on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.