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Team Nerdist Wants You for Extra Life!

Team Nerdist Wants You for Extra Life!

extralife2012_300x250On November 2nd, we here at Nerdist are going to play video games for 24 hours straight to raise money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life! We’re hoping our team can raise at least $10,000 for children’s hospitals across the country, but with your help we think we can do even more. Because games are better with friends and we can’t imagine playing this co-op mission alone, we want you to join us! Team Nerdist wants as many of you as possible to join us and help raise money for a worthy cause. To join, simply go to the Team Nerdist Extra Life page, click JOIN THIS TEAM, register, set a goal, and you’re ready to join us.

The top ten members of the team will get the chance to play a game with us during our Google Hangout on November 2nd as well as Team Nerdist T-shirts. Stay tuned to for more details as the date gets closer, including which games we’ll be previewing, who will be stopping by to play games with us, and who’s on the leaderboard for being declared Team Nerdist MVP! Sign up for Extra Life now and join Team Nerdist to play games and heal kids. Let’s make sure they get to enjoy their burritos, too.


  1. Shawn Miller says:

    I would love to join in but I had to sell all my gaming gear for emergency cash…. Still don’t have the money to get new stuff…. Probably won’t for a while.

  2. Scott says:

    @Adam This is different from Child’s Play. I support both charities, and both are really great. Child’s Play uses funds to provide video games and systems to participating hospitals. Extra Life is run by Children’s Miracle Network to support network hospitals. You can select any hospital in the CMN group to support, and proceeds go directly to that hospital. They get the actual money, not gaming equipment.

  3. Jon Garcia says:

    The GCTV Crew and I just joined up… representing the MCH Hospital here in Texas.

  4. +AdamB. says:

    This is GREAT! But isn’t this basically like Child’s Play charity? Why a new venture instead of partnering with them?

  5. We’re glad to see Nerdist is joining the cause! We had a blast with our team last year and will be playing again this year!