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Tastes Like “The Walking Dead”? Must Be “Dork Fork”

As part of the Nerdist Channel’s Walking Dead Weekend celebration of the return of The Walking Dead to AMC for Season 3 on Sunday night at 9/8c and the concomitant return of Talking Dead with our own Chris Hardwick on Sunday night at 11/10c, Andie Bolt and Harrison Brown are joined by Chris to make some appropriate edibles for the occasion. How DO you properly prepare brains, anyway?

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  1. Wayne says:

    Definitely found your groove. Lovin’ the show now.

  2. jgarfink says:

    This was a good mix of cooking and funny. Loved the mentally challenged zombie bit!

  3. king butterling says:

    also like chris’s tshirt

  4. king butterling says:

    this is better. im glad i gave this show a chance. i totally hated the first episode, but now that they have grown, it has grown on me. plus the disclamer makes it abundantly clear. nerdist, kudos

  5. Gene says:

    I’d totally bread fuck that redhead.