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TARDIS In Orbit Update #3

OrbitIt’s TIME once again, friends, for an update from those crazy dreamers Alex and Robert Doyle and their plan to launch a TARDIS into orbit around the Earth. In this installment, some of the Kickstarter campaign’s most enthusiastic supporters give testimonials about why the project meant so much to them and how Doctor Who is able to bring so many disparate kinds of people together with its message of intelligence triumphing over evil.

Robert and Alex are triumphing over logistics, as they let us know the new thinking when it comes to the size and material of their space-bound TARDIS. (Hint: it goes downstairs, alone or in pairs.) While they’re at it, the Doyles also answer some pressing fan queries and give you a glimpse at their newly-minted t-shirts. Quite a lot for five minutes, eh?

If you’d like to know more about all the goings on with the continually-unfolding project, which only has a month to go, or to donate even now after the Kickstarter’s over, you can head to TARDIS In Orbit’s website and follow them on the Twitters and like them on Facebook. Allons-y!


  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    If I am right they have less than a month to get that “thing ” up there …right ???
    But it is not even built yet ,just still in planning ,and where is the hard-drive going to go ,if they do that whole “expendable ” idea ,what is the plan for the hard-drive with all the files .
    Listen again I did not give ,so it is really not my place ,guess I just want to give some question for the people that did . In a way it is a cool concept as long as it happens ,I hate being the naysayer in the middle of this ,cause if done right this could be awesome . I just don’t trust the Doyle’s …..but hey what do I know .