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TARDIS Console Competition (small spoilers)

Who woulda guessed the writers for Dr. Who are getting their ideas from kids? The TARDIS in “The Doctor’s Wife” episode was designed by 12 year old Susannah Leah.  She submitted her drawing (check it out for 100% awesome) for a TARDIS design competition held by BBC on their Blue Peter kid’s show.  And now they’re looking for kids to write scenes for the show!  Am I too old to submit?  Steven Moffat better watch his back.

Congrats to Susannah Leah…  Livin’ the dream!

via [io9]


  1. Stu says:

    Check out the new Doctor-Hoo shirt at Threadless

  2. Chad H says:

    Just imagine how awesome it would be to have your design picked by the Doctor himself.

  3. CW says:

    It definitely turned out better than child-designed alien in Love & Monsters.

  4. Minute Walt says:

    The drawing this is based on is Genius. This kid will grow up to be the President of Epic Awesomeness.