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Tarantino and Friends Animated Infographic

Tarantino and Friends Animated Infographic

This is pretty darned cool. Animator Timor Barshtman posted a look at the changing faces of the recurring actors from Quentin Tarantino’s canon. There are quite a few, but strangely fewer than I thought. This infographic goes all the way through QT’s films until finally showing you all of the people he works with the most, in a new animated-stylee. Samuel L. Jackson gets the most screentime, naturally, since he’s appeared or is heard in all but two of the movies, but we also see staples like Zoe Bell, Michael Parks, Michael Bowen, Michael Madsen, and Harvey Keitel. Lotta Michaels going on. What’s really fun is counting how many times the various actors get killed in the movies. Someone’s sitting pretty at 3.


  1. Eric Swinderman says:

    Julie Dryfuss – Kill Bill/Inglourious Basterds

  2. Archibald Dalliard says:

    Steve Buscemi – Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction
    Tim Roth – Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction/Four Rooms
    Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill 1&2
    Laura Cayouette – Kill Bill 2/Django Unchained