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TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Joe Kernen and Jim Gaffigan

joekernenjimgaffiganTonight, after The Walking Dead on AMC, Talking Dead, the aftershow hosted by Chris Hardwick, wil bring you analysis and commentary from a couple of celebrity superfans of the show, namely CNBC Squawk Box co-anchor Joe Kernen and comedian extraordinaire Jim Gaffigan. And… a special surprise guest from The Walking Dead. Nope, I don’t know who and couldn’t tell you if I did. I hear noises outside. Shhhh.

talkingdeadlogo2013Anyway, they’re also ready to answer your questions about TWD, and you can post those at the AMC website, where they’ll be seen by the show staff and might just get answered on the show. But whether you post or just want the recap and more about the show, watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.


  1. Greg says:

    Pertaining to the discussion of anyone who wears an eye-patch is usually a villain. One good guy who wears an eye-patch is Nick Fury.