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TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Greg Nicotero and Danai Gurira

GregNicoteroDanaiGuriraThe return of The Walking Dead tonight on AMC means the return of Talking Dead, the aftershow hosted by our very own Chris Hardwick, as well. And for the mid-season premiere, a couple of insiders will be the guests, Executive Producer and Special FX Makeup Designer Greg Nicotero and Michonne herself, Danai Gurira. You’ll hear their expert commentary and get answers to your burning questions about The Walking Dead, and there’ll be an online poll during the show, too.

talkingdeadlogo2013Oh, right, your questions. You can post those at the AMC website and they might just get answered on the show. And that’s where you’ll find the online poll during the show, too. But whether you ask or just want the inside scoop on tonight’s show, watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.