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TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple

TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple

andrewlincolnscottgimpleThe season finale of The Walking Dead airs on AMC tonight, and after that, it’s the season finale of Talking Dead, the aftershow with our own Chris Hardwick. And tonight, befitting the hugeness of the last episode of Season 4, the guests are huge, too: Andrew Lincoln and showrunner Scott Gimple. Yes, Rick and his (real life) boss will be in the studio to talk about what happened and take your questions.

talkingdeadlogo2013And if you want “your questions” to mean YOUR questions, go ahead and post them over at the AMC website where they’re collecting viewer questions and comments. Then, watch the season finale of Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after that season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC.


  1. Dale says:

    The walking dead is the best

  2. mae says:

    Rick was toatally P-Oed when that guy messed with carl hey what about Judith

  3. Jay Burman says:

    Do you suppose the folks at Terminus are planning to eat the captives? Where did the steaks they were grilling come from? Why else would they keep them alive?

  4. justin jimenez says:

    this is a question for andrew does carl look at his dad a different way after rick was stabbing the claimed guy a thousands times

  5. Ruth Perkins says:

    What happened to Beth? How come they didn’t show up with the baby?

  6. Ruth Perkins says:

    What was going through rick mind when he was killing Daryl’s group

  7. Maria says:

    Did Rick recognize Tara from the fight at the prison?

  8. Hillary pope says:

    Is there love in the air between Rick and Machonne or is she just using Carl to suppress her emotions from the loss of her son?
    Was it Mary’s house that they saw the two paintings, one of the walker and the other of the sunflower?