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TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Adam Savage and Breckin Meyer

adamsavagebreckinmeyerGRIDAfter you watch The Walking Dead tonight, stay tuned to AMC for another edition of Talking Dead, the aftershow with Chris Hardwick. Tonight, it’s Mythbuster Adam Savage and actor Breckin Meyer on hand to talk about the episode just concluded and answer your questions.

talkingdeadlogo2013Any questions? Post ’em at the the Talking Dead site at and then watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.


  1. Brian wilson says:

    Is the govnor turning into Rick at this point?

  2. Anonamix says:

    I think the Gov. is mostly after Michonne. VINDICTIVE.

    I think the question about John being a spy was spot on!

    I also think this after show is great, and wish I would have watched “Talking Bad” after every episode of “Breaking Bad”.