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TALKING BAD Sunday: Samuel L. Jackson and Bob Odenkirk

talkingbad03When we last left Breaking Bad, Hank was about to try his hand at a little interrogation with a familiar adversary, Skyler’s face was still smarting from a well-placed slap, Lydia had, with Todd’s help, asserted control of things at the meth lab, and there’s a lot of cash out in the desert. What’s next? After you watch Breaking Bad Sunday night, stay tuned to AMC, because at 11/10c, Chris Hardwick will be answering your questions on Talking Bad. And this week, he’ll be accompanied by Samuel L. Jackson and Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk.

Wanna ask a question? Post it at AMC’s Talking Bad page. And then watch Breaking Bad Sunday at 9/8c and follow it up with Talking Bad at 11/10c after Low Winter Sun, because after you watch Breaking Bad, you GOTTA talk about it.