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TALKING BAD Sunday: Bryan Cranston, Don Cheadle, Steven Michael Quezada

talkingbadcranstoncheadlequezadaLast week, Hank and Jesse’s awkward tandem hit a major pothole when Jesse called an audible in the plaza. Does he really have a better idea to hit Walt where he lives? We’ll find out more tonight on Breaking Bad, and then, we’re gonna wanna talk about ti. And if you stick around for Talking Bad, AMC’s aftershow with Chris Hardwick and guests recapping and answering your questions. you’ll get insight from none other than Walter White himself, the always awesome Bryan Cranston. And if that’s not enough, Don Cheadle will be on hand, as will Hank’s DEA partner Gomez, Steven Michael Quezada. If you love Breaking Bad and you’re really into the final episodes — and who isn’t? — you have to watch Talking Bad this week.

And they want your questions. Ask ’em by posting them at AMC’s Talking Bad page. And then watch Breaking Bad Sunday at 9/8c and Talking Bad at 11/10c after Low Winter Sun on AMC.


  1. Simon says:

    Cheadle’s great, but wtf, he called walt hank twice! once i forgive, but twice and i wonder if he actually thinks its hank, and not walt…

    and whats the go with gomie brushing over the great questin of how did he end up at hank’s side?? i wonder if that will be revealed or ended up on the cutting room floor

  2. Kristoffer says:

    Gomey on Talking Bad. gonna be a good one!