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TALKING BAD Sunday: Bill Hader and Dean Norris

TALKING BAD Sunday: Bill Hader and Dean Norris

amctalkingbadlogoIf you did not watch Breaking Bad last week, I will not spoil what happened in the final scene, and because of that, I can’t really say why it will be especially interesting that Dean Norris, Hank, will be on this week’s edition of Talking Bad, AMC’s aftershow with Chris Hardwick and guests recapping and answering your questions. Dean will be joined by Bill Hader, late of Saturday Night Live, and they’ll provide some insight into this week’s episode and answer your questions.

How about those questions, anyway? Ask ’em by posting them at AMC’s Talking Bad page. And then watch Breaking Bad Sunday at 9/8c and follow it up with Talking Bad at 11/10c after Low Winter Sun.


  1. Ted says:

    I forget, what is the point of this show again?

  2. roy says:

    What did Hank/Dean Norris say that was audio clipped?
    I can’t read lips so well.