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TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS Announced By Telltale Games

TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS Announced By Telltale Games

As if those suckers at Telltale Games haven’t given us enough to look forward to with The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two, out comes the announcement of their new project, Tales From The Borderlands. We’re going back to Pandora ladies and gentlemen! Seriously, why not just grab a blowtorch and melt our faces already. The reveal comes by way of the VGX awards, which only makes sense considering that The Walking Dead game took the highest honors at the show last year. Borderlands and Telltale fans, prepare to drool.


Telltale has in the past explored adapting movie and comic source material into video games, but now for the first time they’re exploring the universe of another video game. The characters you’ll be playing as won’t be Vault Hunters like the protagonist of Borderlands and the game will play like a traditional Telltale title. This will surely be an interesting change from mowing down bandits and bullymongers. There will also be lots of cameos from your favorite Borderlands characters, which means we may get to see some more Handsome Jack and Tiny Tina! That alone is worth the price of admission!


  1. Brian Walton says:

    Drarry – Yes they did.

  2. Drarry says:

    Didn’t they make the newer Monkey Island game?

  3. Kevin Myers says:

    Did Viacom just Take-Down-Notice the announcement? Did they claim copyright infringement on a song or something? What the hell?