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T.J. Miller Guest Hosts CHELSEA LATELY Like Only He Can

T.J. Miller Guest Hosts CHELSEA LATELY Like Only He Can

Comedian T.J. Miller has so many sides, as you very well may know. There’s his podcast here, Cashing In with Cash Levy, on which he is the only guest, but he’s also a hysterical stand-up comedian and a successful actor, on HBO’s Silicon Valley right now and soon to be seen in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Another facet of which you might be a little less familiar is as a television host, which he did wonderfully on Chelsea Lately last night. He hosted the unfortunately short-lived Mash Up on Comedy Central and, in a blue demon costume a la Big Trouble in Little China, hosted the awesomely bizarre talk show web series The Gorburger Show. T.J. brought a playful, absurd, and overall delightful voice to hosting in both of those instances, and got to do so in filling in for Chelsea Handler.

On the show, T.J. dressed up like Handler to “see” what a day as Chelsea would be like, and interviewed Wiz Khalifa. Maybe this outing will grab some network executive’s attention like HBO saw John Oliver fill in for Jon Stewart over last summer and give T.J. another hosting gig.


  1. jsb says:

    where are khalifa’s legs?

  2. Sarah says:

    I totally have that blue shirt he’s wearing. I don’t get to say this often so I’m going to take this opportunity… It looks WAY better on me 😀

  3. Martin says:

    Not available in my country. Shame because I love TJ!

  4. Rockiavelli says:

    Not available in my country?

    Another reason to despise Chelsea Handler.