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Syfy’s 360 Degree Camera at Supanova Makes Cosplayers Look Awesome

Syfy’s 360 Degree Camera at Supanova Makes Cosplayers Look Awesome

Cosplayers attending the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney, Australia, got an opportunity to look like superheroes thanks to a panoramic set up from Syfy Australia. The company brought their FanCam 360 to the event to promote the season two premiere of Defiance, and the circle of 360 degree cameras capture images a la The Matrix bullet time scenes. It’s practically made to create memorable photos and videos for cosplayers.

And there were apparently plenty of them! Spider-Man, Wolverine, Princess Bubblegum, Storm, and dozens of others took advantage of the FanCam 360. The shooting system makes every pose look epic. Many of the cosplayers in the video round-up embrace the opportunity and leap into midair poses or pretend they’re in the middle of an attack, but even those who stand still in a fierce stance look amazing because of the wraparound shot. It had to be a blast to be one of the operators of the cameras – you’d get to watch so many people smile.

You can see how the effect works in the below video. A word of caution though: if you’re prone to motion sickness, only watch a few seconds of the video because there is a lot of spinning.

It looks like there was a constant crowd of spectators and cosplayers waiting their turn to get in on the action. While I don’t know if a similar set up is feasible at San Diego Comic-Con, hopefully Syfy will bring the FanCam 360 to other conventions. They can easily change the wrap to promote different shows.

HT: Kotaku