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Syfy Presents Its First Comedy Web Series UNDERLINGS

Syfy Presents Its First Comedy Web Series UNDERLINGS

This week is quite the week for digital or web comedy series as news of a Bryan Cranston produced series was ordered by Crackle and now, Syfy is joining in by unveiling Underlings from the comedy team ‘We’re Still Friends (Jonathan Howard, Chris Mena, Tony Vitali) along with directors Josh Forbes and Isaac Rentz as their first digital comedy offering.

Though it’s not their original branding, Syfy is definitely making a significant move to expand into comedy with this new web series, as well as the pick up of The Wil Wheaton Project announced a few weeks ago. Underlings will still be in Syfy’s wheelhouse since it’s a workplace comedy in the offices of a criminal organization, which I’m sure you’ve all ruminated about every time you’ve watch G.I. Joe or any action cartoon that has any sort of main villain.

It stars Jonathan Howard, Chris Mena, and Tony Vitali who work at Global Opression, Rebellion, Intelligence, Larceny, and Lasers, or G.O.R.I.L.L.A. for short, to make sure the daily administrative tasks like copies, coffee, and other intern-type duties are taken care of so the end of the world can be more effectively carried out. You’ll also be happy to know that the series also stars the likes of our very own Jessica Chobot from Nerdist News, John Ennis from Mr. Show, the always amazing James Adomian, and more.

So far, ten episodes of Underlings have been ordered and we can’t wait to see more than just this teaser.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter


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