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Syfy Bringing Miller’s RONIN and Soule’s LETTER 44 to TV

Syfy Bringing Miller’s RONIN and Soule’s LETTER 44 to TV

Syfy is really flexing its muscles in picking up original programming for next year. Their latest acquisitions: Ronin based on the Frank Miller miniseries for DC, and Charles Soule’s ongoing science fiction drama Letter 44 from publisher Oni Press.

Ronin, which sees a masterless samurai reborn in a dystopian 21st while in pursuit of Agat, a powerful demon, is being adapted as a miniseries, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Famously, a big screen version of Ronin has been languishing in development hell after Darren Aronofsky (Noah, The Fountain) attempted to tackle the source material (making him 0 for 3 in his attempts to get a comic book movie made, following failed attempts at Batman and Wolverine). Later, Genndy Tartakovsky would use Ronin as the inspiration for the animated Samurai Jack, which ran for four seasons on Cartoon Network and was so, so good.

Currently, no talent has been associated with the project, nor do we know how many episodes the miniseries will be.

Letter 44, meanwhile, could be a little more open-ended. Writer Charles Soule’s series splits its action between Earth and the stars, when new president/badass name-haver Stephen Blades learns from his predecessor that seven years prior, a mission was dispatched to investigate alien construction in a nearby asteroid belt. Meanwhile, the crew of the space shuttle Clark are about to discover something that could lead to war between Earth and E.T.’s.

Terminator 3 and U-571 writer-director Jonathon Mostow will be writing and producing the pilot.

Soule also writes Swamp Thing and a handful of titles at both DC and Marvel, and will be tackling the “Death of Wolverine” event later this year.