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SXSW Report: Marvel Announces TALES TO ASTONISH: CIVIL WAR Documentary

SXSW Report: Marvel Announces TALES TO ASTONISH: CIVIL WAR Documentary

Just announced at SXSW, Marvel’s Tales To Astonish (named after the sixties Marvel title that was the home of Ant-Man and other Silver Age Marvel heroes) will be an all-new documentary series that goes in-depth on classic Marvel stories and interviews Marvel creators, with commentary from comic book industry veterans including Stan Lee, Brian Bendis, and Joss Whedon, as well as The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, and WABC/New York host and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, and even actors like Agent Coulson himself, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D star Clark Gregg. The actual documentary is going to be thirteen minutes long, and Marvel has already created a teaser trailer showing us just what to expect.

Marvel’s Tales to Astonish: Civil War will be directed by Eric Drath, who won an Emmy for the 2008 HBO boxing documentary Assault in the Ring. In talking with Comic Book Resources, John Cerilli, Marvel’s vice president of digital content and programming, said, “The documentary tells a great, great story that, much like Civil War, it’s hard to take a side on; In a way, both sides were correct, and in a way, both sides were wrong. Eric illustrates that beautifully in this first episode.”  There is still the question of how these new documentaries are going to be distributed. According to Cerilli, the desire is for these documentaries to find an outlet besides just