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Susan Boyle: Don’t Ask, Just Watch

This would be borderline unbelievable if you saw it in a movie but is probably one of the most PERFECT moments ever captured on television. From top to bottom. If this doesn’t make you say to others nearby, “Ah…there’s something in my eye,” before you run off to the bathroom, your heart is made of tar.

Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent
[via dwarthy]


  • I was totally shocked…i dont think i was the only one tho the people in the audience giving her salty looks looked like they became believers as well…i guess its another case of dont judge a vocalist by their talking voice or hairdo selection.

  • this clip is such a good one because it illustrates how easy it is for us to be mean and cynical based on nothing, really. how easy it is for us to want to shit on that which doesn’t fit our packaged ideals. and it would be easy for her to stay home and sing to the cat and never try. but what makes this clip and her so awesome is that she did risk it, she risked EVERYTHING, she TRIED. and she succeeded. she told us all “Eff you, i’m rad, deal with it.” that’s pretty damn great. i wish i were half so brave, really.

  • I have seen this clip multiple times on different blogs and talk shows for a few days now. Every time, I start tearing up. I just love the look on everyone’s face when she sings that first line. You’re right. If it was in a movie, it would be unbelievable. And corny.

  • I watched it the first time, didn’t feel much, thought, “I’m a monster”. Second time around I actually paid attention to all of the scene kids who laughed at her and at the end, was able to confirm that my heart was not made of gruel.

  • Is it more cynical to assume she won’t be able to sing, or to think (as I did) that they get dozens of ugly girls with incredible voices every day, and they usually send them packing?

    Maybe it’s because I’ve read Chart Throb by Ben Elton, but I think they put her through because it made a good story.

  • That was inspiring. Although I didn’t shed a tear from watching it, I promptly punched myself in the nuts so that I would shed a few, because that deserved it. Just an absolutely wonderful singing voice. Somebody needs to sign her to a big old contract.

    Portions of this comment may have been exaggerated or completely made up for comedic effect, and it was brought to you by the letters B, and L, and the number 7.

  • When she belted out that first line in the song my eyes started to water. And that girl in the audience, the young girl that looked so disgusted at her before she started singing… I hope she choked on her dirty glare.

    Susan Boyle is so cute. I want to hug her for how excited she got.

  • thank you. part of me started to think this was a prank; that they turned on a recording and she was lip syncing …but the other part of me was tearing up. also the fact she is british just makes it 100 times better.

  • Such a simple lady living a simple life with this fantastic voice. How she never entered into theater is beyond me. Her voice was meant for the stage. The end of the clip definitely made me teary-eyed and her singing gave me chills. Loved it.

  • I think perhaps the thing that leaves the boldest impression on me, aside from her very beautiful voice, is her artistic, deep choice in this song from Les Mis. I find the lyrics, about someone who as a young person was full of hope but as time has gone on life and love has kind of just passed them by, almost disturbingly haunting. I can’t help but feel that the choice in song was deliberately heartfelt by her especially after just reading that Ms. Boyle:

    – Was born with a mild form of brain damage and suffered tremendous ridicule as a child because of it.
    – Lived with her sick mother and cared for her for over 10 years before her mother passed away in 2007.
    – Perhaps because of shyness from being bullied as a child, or perhaps because she was just so busy caring for her mother, she never found the time to marry. In fact in an interview she says that she has never even kissed a man before.
    – Always dreamed of being a professional singer but never had the time or courage to pursue it.

    All of this makes me wonder how many more talented, brilliant, and humble people there are out there in the world who have a lot to offer but have simply never been given a chance because of what they look like or the circumstance that life has dealt them.

    The thing that impresses me most of all though is that none of this has been able to keep her down and she has still somehow managed to find a way to the top. I find that inspiring, and honestly Chris I really needed that today. Thanks.

  • Here are the lyrics to the song that she is singing that I mentioned. So sad.

    I dreamed a dream in time gone by
    When hope was high,
    And life worth living
    I dreamed that love would never die
    I dreamed that God would be forgiving.

    Then I was young and unafraid
    When dreams were made and used,
    And wasted
    There was no ransom to be paid
    No song unsung,
    No wine untasted.

    But the tigers come at night
    With their voices soft as thunder
    As they tear your hopes apart
    As they turn your dreams to shame.

    And still I dream he’ll come to me
    And we will live our lives together
    But there are dreams that cannot be
    And there are storms
    We cannot weather…

    I had a dream my life would be
    So different from this hell I’m living
    So different now from what it seems
    Now life has killed
    The dream I dreamed.

  • My favorite part of this clip is Simpn’s reaction. He clearly couldn’t wait to deploy the snark missile, but she blew him away. The look on his face was priceless!

  • ok… i did have something in my eye… and it was a tiny tear drop. i wasn’t aware that i am still capable of this type of feeling. i though it was removed by work. thanks chris!!! c”,)

  • Damn you Hardwick! That was fucking amazing and simply a joy to watch. I wanted so badly for her to blow that smirk of Simons face, and she did! It feels so good when a normal person, who gave so much of themselves, succeeds like that.

    It gives me hope that my talent, of being able to open a can of beer with my penis, will eventually go noticed by the rest of the world. I might not reach 20 million hits on youtube, but surely I can get at least a million on x-tube.

    Thanks for the slight moments of pretending my eyes itched. It was a little embarrassing to have my kids see me start leaking from my eye sockets while they watched “The Backyardigans” and I sat watching my computer. My cold coal heart was reawakened. I actually thought it was dead ever since my father died, but yup it woke back up and was really moved. Thanks for the link to the video.


  • Am I the only one who sees the whole message of this as “Look! Ugly people can sing too!” Would anyone be talking about it if she looked like an average girl?

  • Okay, Chris….

    Purely as a basis of comparison, what DOES pull your heart strings?

    I think we would all like to know what, if anything, moves someone unmoved by this.

  • By now many people have offered hard evidence that there was more than a bit of manipulation in this. Cowell knew she had a good voice. Everyone who makes it to that stage of the show has been vetted several times, and his reaction was staged. Remember, Cowell plays a character (probably not much a stretch from his real personality) that is designed to suck you in waiting for him to be proven wrong. In this case the show delivered, but it was scripted. Apparently the producers even frumped her up a bit for this appearance.

    Cowell enjoys his role as agent provocateur because it get free publicity. But what he really cares about his take on the record royalties he will get from producing Boyle, and the viral publicity has made sure his take will be big. Don’t be surprised if the first album they release is called something like “And the meek shall inherit…”.

    Mind, I did tear up when I watched it, and I’m one who really really gringes at most Webber, especially Les Mis. But my real admiration is for the producers who played it pitch perfect, and guaranteed themselves super ratings, and Cowell who made himself a few more millions with a brief bit of mugging. Just remember, the key word in “Reality Show” is Show.

  • I believe the judges do not hear the contestants before hand. I also hope that Simon will manage this adorable lady with the huge gift. He has the experience. I hope for a DVD-love to watch her when she sings.