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Susan Boyle: Don’t Ask, Just Watch

This would be borderline unbelievable if you saw it in a movie but is probably one of the most PERFECT moments ever captured on television. From top to bottom. If this doesn’t make you say to others nearby, “Ah…there’s something in my eye,” before you run off to the bathroom, your heart is made of tar.

Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent
[via dwarthy]
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  1. Beverly says:

    I believe the judges do not hear the contestants before hand. I also hope that Simon will manage this adorable lady with the huge gift. He has the experience. I hope for a DVD-love to watch her when she sings.

  2. Damn! she is good at singing.

  3. kballweg says:

    By now many people have offered hard evidence that there was more than a bit of manipulation in this. Cowell knew she had a good voice. Everyone who makes it to that stage of the show has been vetted several times, and his reaction was staged. Remember, Cowell plays a character (probably not much a stretch from his real personality) that is designed to suck you in waiting for him to be proven wrong. In this case the show delivered, but it was scripted. Apparently the producers even frumped her up a bit for this appearance.

    Cowell enjoys his role as agent provocateur because it get free publicity. But what he really cares about his take on the record royalties he will get from producing Boyle, and the viral publicity has made sure his take will be big. Don’t be surprised if the first album they release is called something like “And the meek shall inherit…”.

    Mind, I did tear up when I watched it, and I’m one who really really gringes at most Webber, especially Les Mis. But my real admiration is for the producers who played it pitch perfect, and guaranteed themselves super ratings, and Cowell who made himself a few more millions with a brief bit of mugging. Just remember, the key word in “Reality Show” is Show.

  4. andrea says:

    i’m in tears!!